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In 1000 days the world has changed:

Covid-19, war and climate have changed our conditions of life and existence. It is just the prelude to the next 1000 days  -  and to the leaders' new reality. This is convincingly exemplified in the Global Risks Report 2023 from the World Economic Forum and in the study "Climate Endgame - Exploring catastrophic climate change scenarios". Together 1,200 international experts and a circle of the world's leading climate scientists have described the route for the next 2-10 years. 


Combined with the many unpredictable consequences of the war, a future is drawn that places unprecedented demands on companies and their managers. They must rethink their roles, responsibilities and opportunities under extreme conditions - and do it quickly.



Crises can become a shortcut to success. It is about decoding what the crises are symptoms of and finding the shortest path from a risk to an opportunity. Under the theme "Winning strategies in times of crisis", it is revealed why and how even the biggest crises can create new opportunities - provided they are detected in time. It is often during crises that new breakthroughs and business models emerge. Navigating 360 has identified 10 paths to one winning strategy. See the figure below:




"Winning strategies in times of crisis" can be delivered as a lecture or a seminar - and therefore range from an hour to a day. The strategies are delivered by experts from Navigating 360's team and put together according to individual needs. Contact Erik Rasmussen at and hear more about your options for turning crises into opportunities.

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