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The reality and world order we have to deal with from now on cannot be solved through reforms, but requires real transformations of the known social models. Navigating 360's mission is to contribute to that transformation. It must be implemented  widely in society - and at the same time. It is the prerequisite for success. Navigating 360 has identified and prioritized seven areas where a transformation must be considered important - and where we are working on projects. It starts with leadership.  


Pieces for a transformation

1. New leadership

Many of the current crises are described as management crises - that neither political leaders nor company leaders have reacted quickly and strongly enough to the crises.


 Navigation 360 has in collaboration with leaders, prepared the report "From climate crisis to climate action". It is now translated into English and distributed  to 1 million European managers together with the Leaders' Europastoral sister organizations. See under  “Articles and Reports” ​


2. New skills

The new reality requires new skills and competences and makes great demands on the education programs that must equip future generations for new conditions.  


Navigating 360 collaborates with a number of educational institutions on the development of a "playbook", which must uncover the need for a new educational paradigm 


3. New behavior

The prerequisite for solving the climate and biodiversity crisis is that people change their way of life and consumption quickly and significantly.


Navigating 360 is involved in the development of an experimentarium for climate-friendly behavior that Sustainia has initiated in North Jutland together with three municipalities and behavioral researchers from the University of Copenhagen

​4. New growth

Researchers are working with new models to measure growth - a "green GDP" that must include climate and environment in the assessment of  Denmark's real economic development.


During 2023 and in collaboration with the researchers, Navigating 360 will try to spread the understanding and the practical effects of the new models


5. New infrastructure

The infrastructure forms the supporting framework for any transformation. But can the infrastructure withstand the violent climate changes with temperature increases of up to 3 degrees?  The climate, biodiversity, the environment etc. place new demands on the large infrastructure projects - not least in connection with urbanization


Navigating 360 facilitates a project to  map how selected infrastructures can be adapted to new conditions 


​6. New media infrastructure

The media world is in the middle of a revolution with an accelerating development  of new media platforms - led by tech giants. It will  completely change our access to knowledge and news and can create fertile ground for both misinformation and disinformation.


Navigating 360 is working with a group of researchers to assess the need to make the future of information dissemination a critical infrastructure


7. New narrative

The prerequisite for successfully implementing a national transformation of a society is broad popular support - that citizens can see the need and feel involved.


Navigating 360 discusses with major communication partners how a shared narrative can become a central driving force in  the restructuring of the coming years

Read more about how the possibilities become reality. 


Navigating 360 is specifically aimed at the "transformers" who have a common responsibility and a common self-interest in preparing society for a new reality. That includes, among other things:


The Government - Politicians - Authorities - Interest organizations - Society's supporting institutions such as the education sector - Civil society - Institutional investors - The large funds. They also  have a common need to quickly orientate themselves in a constantly changing landscape and identify new solutions.

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